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Top Travel Tip: Breathe. They’re only Bedouins.

Egyptian Bedouins

That ubiquitous red and white keffiyeh seen so often on news reports these days, can for some people, give rise to a host of associations. Warranted or not, they’re there. But pushing through those associations and approaching the South Sinai with an open mind can reveal a host of cultural activities that’ll have you wanting to simultaneously; pack-it-in back home, …

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Ramadan Kareem!

Ramadan Kareem 2015

Just a quick post to wish all our Muslim friends a happy Ramadan. Those observing the Ramadan will fast from sunrise to sunset, until the Iftar or breakfast. The Iftar is often organised as communal meal with juices, soups, appetizers, mains and desserts. Fasters will often initially break the fast with a couple of dates and water or, sometimes, a …

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Adventures in Zalaga (The Legendary Bedouin Camel Race)

Camel race wadi zalaga

Every year, on the 10th January, hundreds of local Bedouins from the Muzeina and Tarrabin tribes hit Wadi Zalaga with their camels, Hiluxs, and best young camel riders (some under 10 years old) for an epic 30K camel race. Zalaga is cold in January. So cold, it snowed on our way up to the campsite. No matter, Mahmoud ‘Barracuda’ and his …

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Kicking Back in Ras Mohammed!

Ras Mo 01

We recently headed out to Ras Mohammed National Park for a snorkelling trip. For those who haven’t been there, Ras Mohammed National Park is, simply put, surreal. The entrance is flanked by tall stone pillars and once inside, the landscape feels reminiscent of what the surface of the moon could be like. It’s a wide desert expanse with ‘roads’ created …

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Here’s To The Day Of Onions

Favourite Sayings1

 For those not familiar with Arabic …it can at first sound like a hard language, a bit of a rough language, like everybody is shouting at one another. In fact, on my first foray into the Middle East I was transfixed by the way people would be apparently screaming at each other only to suddenly break into endless smiles, kisses …

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Out To Sea? The Plastic Garbage Project – Egypt

Blog Garbage

“Today, not a single cubic meter of seawater is free of plastic particles” It’ll come as no surprise to you, if you’ve been here before, that Egypt has a bit of a problem with plastic garbage. In fact the flying plastic bag was once dubbed ‘the national bird’. Egypt is certainly not alone in this problem but in a country …

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Epic Pigeon Battle


We’re situated next door to some friendly pigeons. So friendly they’ve decided to make one of our roof terraces a favourite perch. Understandably we don’t really want them perching on our roof as they tend to leave behind more than footprints So here’s an update on our pigeon war! Pigeon Stop Idea # 1: FAKE BIRD – Dec 2013 This …

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Adventure Scuba! – Blue Lagoon & Ras Abu Galum

Ras Abu Galum

Having lived here for 7 years and having never heard of the ‘Bedouin Boat’ until a week ago we decided it was time to test it out. Bedouin Boat is a boat transfer that runs between Ricks Reef or the Blue Hole to the national park area of ‘Ras Abu Galum’ and further afield to the ‘Blue Lagoon’ a huge …

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10 reasons why I love ‘Assalah Square’

10 Reasons 2

I live in the vicinity of Assalah Square, about a 200m walk to the shops and a two minute taxi drive away from Red C Villas, on the other side of Assalah. I love living here and thought I’d share with you my top 10 reasons why. So, in no particular order, here they are! 10. Ibrahims Fruit Shop Ibrahim …

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Wadi lunch & Hilux fun

Hilux Fun

We packed up our chilly bin (or eski if you’re not from New Zealand) with some fruits from Assalah market, a ready-made falafel lunch from Abu Amr; the best falafel shop in town and a few emergency beers from ‘Drinkies’ just in case! Now all we needed was our transport… We were headed just 30k outside of Dahab to a …

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